We have received the cables and we'll be getting them out to you in the next couple of weeks.

We've hardly receieved any cables. So make sure you get yours in so we can get the new cables out to you!



We just can't seem to catch a break here. Promo Cables are currently going through Australian quarantine and customs assessment. This could lead to a fairly significant delay but we are doing all we can to ensure that these cables are released to us as soon as possible so that we can get your promo items out to you.


Just a reminder, if you have already received and Amp City cable, you will be required to send it to us here in Australia before we will send you a replacement, so get those cables in the mail!


We have just received confirmation from plusSound that our cables are near completion.  They are going through their final test and they hope to have the final batch completed by the end of next week ready for dispatch to us here in Australia.

As per image below you can see some of the silver cables have already been tested and had their final marking, ready to be shipped.


The good news is once we have received these cables from plusSound we can ship out the promo bundles.  If you already have an Ampcity Cable please send it back to us as soon as possible so that we can send you a promo cable.


logoWe're pleased to announce that after months of collaboration, we have selected plusSound Audio, located in Los Angeles, California to supply us with our Cryo treated 26awg/50 stranded pure silver cable for our UMGlobal launch promo clients. It has been a long journey with many different models and revisions and as plusSound continue to construct these cables, we look forward to delivering these once they arrive to us.

Stay tuned for updates and remember to tell your friends involved in the UMGlobal launch promo to get us their details by filling in this form.

This silver cable will soon be available to pre-order at for anyone not involved with the UMGlobal launch promo.


This page is for our promo clients that were affected by UMGlobal launch promos in late 2011. If you were not a launch promo client, unfortunately you have ended up here by mistake. We aren't having any promo sales right now! For all of our dear promo clients, it's been too long without news and.............etc etc etc

It's been too long without news and again we're sorry. The Ampcity cable didn't turn out so good and we didn't get enough stock before they closed down to send out to you all anyway.

We also know that we have to get you guys a cable but we had a few issues to resolve before we could legally move on. Here is what happened.

• We started rolling out our launch promo starting with our clients in the USA. This was on the 15th of September 2011 followed by the Philippines on the 18th of September, UK on the 6th of October, and Australia on the 13th of October.

• This, in combination with the launch of Unique Melody Global slammed UMLab with a massive backlog of orders which took them an unusually long time to fulfil. When we finally started fulfilling orders our promo cable still hadn't been delivered. Initially we were planning on substituting the promo cable with the standard 50" braided cables but we decided to send them to you instead so that you wouldn't end up with IEM's that couldn't be listened to.

• In April 2013 Ampcity UK Ltd had partially fulfilled our cable order however the cable supplied was not up to scratch. This only affected the first batch of promo clients in the USA. On the 28th of June 2013 we made an announcement that Ampcity UK Ltd had ceased trading as Unique Melody UK. Ampcity UK Ltd has since formally dissolved.

Since then, we have been released from our contract. We have been working with the administrative management of Ampcity UK to ensure no one is out of pocket. Anyway, we've been working on a new cable. We went through quite a few different manufacturers to get something that we liked, and even then, we went through 8 revisions to decide on this one. We took so long because we needed to test each and every one to make sure the cable would be up to scratch. We're talking to you now, because we think we're pretty much there. There is actually light at the end of this tunnel.

This is a picture of the cable…revision eight. Bear in mind, we still might make some slight changes so don't expect anything to be sent out to you right now. This is just an update as we near the end. Please don't email us and ask us for specs or details. We will release those once we have finalised our cable and commissioned their manufacture.

If you are reading this, we thank you for your EXTREME patience. It's been more than a year for some of you. We are aiming to get these out to you by the end of the year and have this all put behind us.

For those of you that have already received the Ampcity Fortis V2, hoody or T-shirt and USB, you will unfortunately need to send us back the Ampcity Fortis before we can exchange you this new cable. For the rest of you, you will receive your package with a UM Polo or Hoody, USB Key and new Silver Cable.


Head on over to the contact page and submit your UMG Number and details -

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