Give life to your old universal in ear monitor with Unique Melody's re-shelling and upgrade service. We take apart your old universal and harvest the internal components of almost any high end IEM, placing them within a custom moulded shell built to the same quality as our own in house monitors. If your universal is driving you crazy, you don't have to put up with dodgy non replaceable cables or your IEM's always falling out mid gig anymore. Re-shelling is your cost effective solution!

If you are chasing that extra bit of sound quality and really stubbornly want to reuse your old IEM's, we can also upgrade your universal in ear monitor with additional drivers and our own in house crossovers. Designed to bring out the best from your original drivers, we've spent the time to develop a range of upgrades that will take your old universal and transform them into a new beast.

In addition to the re-shells featured in this line up guide we can also re-shell and upgrade many other of your favourite universal in ear monitors. For more information please contact us.

Currently starting at $250

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